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My name is Simone Ramello (he/him). I am an Italian PhD student in Münster, Germany. I also enjoy science writing and outreach.

You can find me in Room 110.021, Orléans-Ring 10, 48149 Münster. My email address is firstname dot lastname at uni-muenster dot de.


I am a second year PhD student at the Institut für Mathematische Logik und Grundlagenforschung of the University of Münster, under the supervision of Franziska Jahnke and Martin Hils. My main research interest is the model theory of valued fields, especially when endowed with isometric operators.

My position is financed by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation, DFG) via the project Modelltheorie bewerteter Körper mit Endomorphismus and via Germany’s Excellence Strategy EXC 2044–390685587, Mathematics Münster: Dynamics–Geometry–Structure. I am also a member of the Mathematics Münster Graduate School.

Blackboard with coloured arrows connecting mathematical statements.



I am very interested in science communication and writing, both from a theoretical and from a practical perspective.
I curate a newsletter (in English), Scribbles and coffee stains, and an Instagram account (in Italian), Caffeina e teoremi. Through these two means and their potential for creating stories and narratives, I try to demistify mathematics as a subject and as a human pursuit.

The cover of an Instagram post in Italian about abstraction.
The cover of an outreach project about the axiom of choice, titled "Ermenegilda nel paese senza Assioma della Scelta".

Between 2020 and 2021, I was one of the members of Come Volevasi Divulgare, an Italian collective devoted to outreach in mathematics. We had an active Instagram page and contributed to science communication festivals. The project is now on hiatus.
On the 14th of November 2022 I was one of the guests of the Italian science communication project Meet Science.