Undergraduate student in mathematics and aspiring writer. Deeply in love with speculative fiction, symphonic metal and anything irish. I have tons of fun doing any sort of science communication and learning about things nobody cares about. At some point the Sorting Hat decided I was Ravenclaw, and then Hufflepuff, and then Slytherin, and then Ravenclaw again, so I stuck with it because it's the one with the best aesthetic.

it Colei che Grida nella Notte (short story) - members of a magical community soon find out that striking deals with their dead goddess might not have been the best way to enjoy a festive day.

it All'alba (short story) - daughter of slightly mental members of royalty spends the best day of her life summoning old, imprisoned magicians and then having tea with them.



Scienza List, an awesome list of scientific resources (in Italian, but easily navigable by non-Italian users),Set Theory, a directory of links on logic and the foundations of mathematics (in English),Byrne's Euclid, an interactive reproduction designed by Nicholas Rougeux of Oliver Byrne's work (in English).Serie e successioni di funzioni e teoria della misura, some notes on a course I took in Mathematical Analysis (WIP, in Italian).